Public Record Form T - Child Trafficking

(Section 1) The Parents details

(Section 1) The Parents details

Reference Number13110069
1a. Name of ParentsJonathan Edward Bower
Parent’s EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
(Section 2) The Childrens Details

(Section 2) The Childrens Details

2a. How many of your children have been removed from your care?2
1. Name of childVincent A. Bower
1. Age of child11
1. GenderMale
2. Name of childVictor R. Bower
2. Age of child8
2. GenderMale
2b. Do u know if your children are still together?Yes
2c. Do u know where your children are?Yes
2d. Any comment about where your children are?

Taken to state of Illinois

(Section 3) The Institutions

(Section 3) The Institutions

3a. Where are your children detained?US Army behavior health, Megan Sharon Gray and Paries Family residence.
3b. How often do u have access to see your children?Zero contact
3c. How long has this institution been operating?5 years pertaining myself, longer for others.
3d. CEO and BOARD MEMBERS of institution?
  • US Government. Faculty and district members residing in/out Illinois. Authorities and family members affiliated.
3e. Current head of your country?Biden, existing during election of Trump.
3f. How long in this position?4 years.
3g. Current head of State?Joe Biden
3h. How long in this position?4 years
(Section 4) Due Process

(Section 4) Due Process

4a. Was there a court order involved to remove them?No
4b. If yes, name and address of the court.Tazewell Circuit Court. 342 Court Street Pekin, IL 61554
4c. If yes, name of Judge or MagistrateRobert S, Chris D, Jessica H, Tammy L.
4d. What due process occurred for your children to be removed from your custodianship?None. Kidnapped and taken into state none had resided in before;Illinois. Prior state;Colorado
4e. Do u have the name and ID of the persons who removed your children ? If so please list them

Megan Sharon Gray and her family transported children away from original residents.

(Section 5) Mapping

(Section 5) Mapping

From this point forward…1) From this point forward, all interactions with the institution detaining your children is to be mapped.
2) Every phone call is to recorded.
3) Every interaction with every staff member has the first interaction as taking name and ID number of the staff member.
5a. Date01/02/2022
5b. Time10:00 PM
5c. Institution’s email address?Email hidden; Javascript is required.
How many employees were involved?1
1) Employee nameMegan Sharon Gray
5f. Details of interaction

US Army, than into Behavior Health PSYOP, trained and works in department of corrections for young girls. Facility under goes investigation and found guilty for pedophilia at Betty Marlr. Financially collapse household via occupation through handprints, a behavior health correction institute. Leaves into family and army company territory that inhabit Illinois, Pekin, Peoria and last seen to relocate into Manito, Illinois. Gray to work within Corrections once again.

5g. This made me feel, example: angry, frustrated, terrified, disappointed, disempowered etc etc

At first this had been stressful, unknowingly preventing this disaster by no comply to Gray’s custody wishes, relocating myself to bring safer living conditions, establishing new residence for myself and kids, delightful of achievements but torn and miserable over grays choice time and time again. Situation gets worse, stressed and unhappy but still relocate towards children. Eventually bringing about the most disturbing experience when Gray takes children and enforces a protective order with authority and Official members assistance that leads into no contact, which can’t really be expressed with words but to put it in a simple meaning fulness way, daunting and dire felt.

5h. In my mind I was, example: confused, depressed, hopeless, trapped, had suicidal thoughts etc etc.

Trapped. I had to do many things in order to achieve the simplists of things. Determine to see it end and justice served.