Arise Australia

to the unspent potential of

Rule of Law/Lore: All Are Equal Before the Law/Lore.

2nd Australian
Grand Jury

21 October 2021

In honour and respect to Australia's ancient heritage, wisdom keepers and custodians,
and to all souls upon the Earthly plane,
and to our Beloved Mother Earth,
we do hereby declare the time of the
Second Australian Grand Jury
was held via zoom as at
Uluru 12pm ACST.
Thank you to all who attended.

“Hold steady folks, we had a fabulous Second Grand Jury 2021,
and would like to thank all participants for breathing life into this living event. 

We are changing the face of Australia, lawfully and through good due process of installing
Crown Jurisdiction: Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before The Law.

McGowan released his mandatory vaccination policy just the day before the Grand Jury. Which was perfect timing.
If you know Law, you know the primary pillars are Free Will ( so long as you do no harm) and Informed Consent.

To impose a mandatory vax policy is either a high level of ignorance of the Law,
or complicit in a private, profiteering racket of mass human slavery.
That is what Law defines for us. So let’s use it.

Know this. Don’t be confused. Use Law to your benefit.

May the People start making use of that which has defined our standards of Law in Australia: 
simply claiming what is already rightfully bestowed to us by The Creator God Almighty; no longer a slave nation,
as defined by the Inaugural Australian Grand Jury 2021, and deepening the logistics and mechanics of that,
with this the Second Australian Grand Jury 2021.
This etches into history the freedoms for the People to really step up to be in charge of our inherent God given rights,
and the equitable management of resources.

Don’t let it be a sleeping event folks.
Use the Motions passed.
They are there for you and your safety.
Use the tools on the website to hold accountability to all those who fail in law.
Form A for an injury.
Australia Trials for those who are super belligerent in the face of Law.
It will not be tolerated.
We the People, are in Charge.

We thank all who have participated in the Great Awakening
and the movement to claim our rightful Crown Jurisdiction Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before The Law. 

Blessed Be.

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth  Matthew  5:5

Video Recording of 2nd Australian Grand Jury 2021

Hello Beautiful People,

Please find below the recoding and the writings for the Second Australian Grand Jury 2021.

Please accept our apologies that is has been released a day later than expected. But sometimes those technical glitches get in the way.

Please take good note of the Orders and the dismissal of the absurd, lawless vaccine mandate. That is a game played in a private legal sandpit. Don’t play in that sandpit. Play in the sandpit called “Law”, and hold accountability via the tools on this website.

The letter of Notice to relevant parties, you will find in the gazette of the Press Releases. You may direct employers to that if you wish, so that they are aware Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before The Law now has standing, and We, The People, are in charge.

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth Matthew 5:5

Please view the PDFs of the
2nd Australian Grand Jury 2021