Hopefully no one finds themselves entered into this form. Please be very mindful when using this form. In Law, the onus is on the claimant to prove their claim. If you accuse someone in this form of denying your free will and informed consent, thus causing you injury, you are required to prove it before the Jury. If proven, that creates very serious consequences for the defendant.

In saying that, please do not be scared off from reporting Crimes Against Humanity in this covid landscape.
But please be clear, due process will begin to unfold and accountability will be tallied. 

In The Creator God Almighty, We Trust

The Covid experimental vaccine violates all 10 of the points established in the Nuremberg code:

1) The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

2) The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.

3) The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.

4) The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.

5) No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.

6) The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.

7) Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.

8) The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.

9) During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end if he has reached the physical or mental state where continuation of the experiment seems to him to be impossible.

10) During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill, and careful judgment required of him, that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.

Australia Trials 2021

An amnesty period, until 5.22am AEST, 11th of October 2021 is made available….. for those entangled in the web of the Covid19 vaccination rollout, and also for the lack of knowledge by many whom have done no research beyond watching the main stream media and thus believe the Covid 19 landscape is authentic, and can be resolved via the administration of privately owned, profit generating experimental mRNA vaccines. 

Thus, the following links are provided for your education. Here you will find researchers, doctors, lawyers etc, who have all been diligently working for the past 18 months, and more, to educate on this industry: (You will need to install the Telegram app)




Should an individual, after this two week period persist to enforce the vaccine rollout on others, that individual does subject themselves to 100% liability for attempting to over rule the free will and informed consent of others, that being slavery, and will therefore be brought before the Australia Trials and a jury of 12 peers, to have their fate determined.

This is an opportunity to liberate oneself and follow good Conscience to serve humanity to the standards of Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before the Law.

Crimes seperate from the Covid landscape, such as murder, child trafficking etc, do not fall under this Amnesty.

Do you need to report someone who has violated your free will and informed consent?

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