Let's have some fun with
what is possible..... 

Australia doesn’t have a Constitution.  It was never ratified by the individual States.  
And even if it did have a functioning Constitution, it didn’t provide for the First Nation People of Terra Australis.  

The High Court is an ivory tower of unattainable access.  It is ridiculous. Maxim of Law:  If Law is not available to all, it is not Law.  It is tyranny.   

This construct simply trampled right over the top of the established Nations and jurisdictions that were already here.  Unfortunately, Terra Australis has a disgraceful, blood soaked history of perpetual genocide, neatly packed away for very few to know about.  

Terra Australis is run by private employees of a private corporation, disguised as public servants and paid on the public purse, creating and implementing policy for We The People.  This is called slavery.  

In their architecture and history, we are not People.  We are cattle.  Barcoded and monetised for the profit of a private global group of unelected law breakers.  Defying the essential basics of LAW:  free will and informed consent.  Alleging to have powers that are wholly fictional.   

The  coming election is a waste of time, simply employing more people into a highly controlled mess.    It is not Law.  It is legal.  Two vastly different realties.  In Law, you are free.  In legal, you are a slave.   We thank those who offer themselves to this system with eyes wide shut, believing they can fix something that is broken.  It is not broken.  It is a perfectly functioning slave system.  And that is all it can ever be.  

We are emerging out of this sick and twisted global system by the good Consciousness of those awake enough to do their research and learn who has been running planet Earth and what dastardly trickery they have been perpetrating against the good Peoples of this land, and all of Planet Earth.  

Now you can post up a stupid lawless Bill and have it denounced Null and Void, for it’s failure in Law, before this, and future Grand Jury’s.  And you can create positive supportive Bills, for the consideration by the People.  

Enjoy this 10mins of research done long ago.  We still haven’t been able to replace it.  
Can we do it now?  


Terra Australis Grand Jury 9. 16.5.2022

Lawful Orders Proposed by We The People: