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6594Email hidden; Javascript is required.Terra Australis Grand Jury 3431-05-202434-T-A-G-J-.pdf
6593Email hidden; Javascript is required.100% slavery. An extreme standard of Belligerent Occupation. No consent form for organ removal.31-05-2024
6592Email hidden; Javascript is required.Custodian as 'customer'. Crisis times. Barcoded everything.31-05-20242024-826-001-.pdf
6591Email hidden; Javascript is required.Psychiatry: An industry that steals free will to forcibly inject lethal cocktails into People under Community Treatment/Management Orders. 100% slavery.28-05-2024South-Australia-Office-of-Chief-Psychiatrist-For-URGENT-Attention-thank-you.pdf
6590Email hidden; Javascript is required.FNSC – Sorry Business, jurisdiction and more. Derby: Police and Magistrate28-05-20242024-825-001-Stephen-James-.pdf
6589Email hidden; Javascript is required.Creditor as Debtor. Custodian as Customer. Slavery.28-05-2024
6588Email hidden; Javascript is required.Welfare check called for: 15 yr old youth, due to irresponsible conduct by Registrar. Welfare check ignored.28-05-2024
6576Email hidden; Javascript is required.033-GJ033-ORDERS30-04-2024GJ-033-ORDERS-.pdf
6527Email hidden; Javascript is required.First 3 fines issued. $66 000 and $100 000 for Belligerent Occupation of Essential Resources.30-04-2024
6511Email hidden; Javascript is required.Lawful Due Process is apparently 'Nonsensical'23-04-202455010-001-008-LAW-CALLED-NONSENSICAL.pdf
6510Email hidden; Javascript is required.License to kill = Gross failure of Duty of Care.23-04-202411110-93-The-End-and-the-Beginning-REDRUM.pdf
6508Email hidden; Javascript is required.Jurisdiction for Local Council23-04-2024T8801-011-2024-LOCAL-COUNCILS.pdf
6506Email hidden; Javascript is required.These individuals are responsible for standards in our Communities.23-04-2024Communities-Leaderships-Team-Contact-List-February-2023.pdf
6505Email hidden; Javascript is required.$100k for disconnection of Essential Services.23-04-2024T8801-009-2024-F-F-P-V3.pdf
6504Email hidden; Javascript is required.First Nation Gazette from Extraordinary Grand Jury 10th October 202210-04-20240004-3A-INAUGURAL-GRAND-JURY-FIRST-NATION.pdf
6502Email hidden; Javascript is required.Case precedent – Cannot have orders made ex-parte05-04-2024Kelly-v-Fiander-Judgement-2023-WASC-1871.pdf
6498Email hidden; Javascript is required.Competent Magistrate or not.02-04-2024
6497Email hidden; Javascript is required.Terra Australis Grand Jury 32. 25 March 2024. The Sovereign Restored28-03-2024032-GJ032-ORDERS.pdf
6475Email hidden; Javascript is required.The Creditors Ledger27-03-2024T8801-008-2024-_THE-CREDITOR-LEDGER-fillable.pdf
6463Email hidden; Javascript is required.Fines and Penalties. Updated14-03-2024T8801-009-2024-FEES-FINES-PENALTIES.pdf
6462Email hidden; Javascript is required.Revocation of drivers license by private corporation, and impounding cars29-02-2024T8801-007-2024-IMPOUNDING-CARS-IA.pdf
6457Email hidden; Javascript is required.Rules of Engagement for Humanity V227-02-2024FD-001-001-RULES-OF-ENGAGEMENT-FOR-HUMANITY-V2.pdf
6456Email hidden; Javascript is required.WALKER TODD : Bank fraud: AffIdavit that the Defendent is the lender and the Plaintiff (bank) is the borrower.27-02-2024026-Walker-Todd-Affidavit.pdf
6450Email hidden; Javascript is required.Terra Australis Grand Jury 31 24 Feb 202424-02-2024031-GJ031-ORDERS.pdf
6413Email hidden; Javascript is required.Terra Australis Grand Jurys. 29 – 30 The Sovereign Restored.14-02-2024
Entry IDEmailTitle of the press releaseDate of the press releaseUpload File