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5870Email hidden; Javascript is required.Judicial signed confession of failure of Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before The Law. = slavery.29-09-2023Family-Court-image.pdf
5868Email hidden; Javascript is required.Estoppel23-09-202355002-ESTOPPEL-MASTER.pdf
5867Email hidden; Javascript is required.Rio and BHP & Ors on Notice: Penalty: 5x donation amount to support Yes Vote.18-09-202355020-801-001-BHP-AND-RIO-TINTO.pdf
5858Email hidden; Javascript is required.DCP x 218-09-2023DCP-Orders.pdf
5857Email hidden; Javascript is required.DCP x 218-09-202355022-007-005.-Hume-ORDERS-of-Superior-Jurisdiction.pdf
5850Email hidden; Javascript is required.Authority by Crown: We THe People of Superior Jurisdiction06-09-202300021-55021-55-5502.-Authority-by-CWTPOSJ.pdf
5840Email hidden; Javascript is required.Terra Australis Grand Jury 25 31.8.202301-09-2023GJ-25th-ORDERS.pdf
5796Email hidden; Javascript is required.STOPPED : Property foreclosure due to Failure of Lawful Due Process.14-08-202355010-001-001-andrew-wallace1.pdf
5795Email hidden; Javascript is required.Perth Childrens Court closed 21.8.2023: Failure of Lawful Due Process.14-08-202355016-001-001-GJ-24-ORDERS-CLOSE-PERTH-CHILDRENS-COURT.pdf
5786Email hidden; Javascript is required.DCP – matter dismissed – no claimant available.14-08-202355017-001-001-Rachel-West-DCP.pdf
5785Email hidden; Javascript is required.DCP – return HUme children immediately – found guilty for Crimes Against Humanity.14-08-202355017-007-002.-Hume-ORDERS-of-Superior-Jurisdiction.pdf
5783Email hidden; Javascript is required.Failure of Lawful Due Process by Director of Public Prosecution – served 7 August 2023 to 55 St Georges Tce.11-08-202355014-001-004-Kaiden-Smith-False-imprisonment.pdf
5781Email hidden; Javascript is required.Busselton Department of Communities – Child Protection Office – CLOSED11-08-202355013-001-001-GJ-24-ORDERS-Close-Busselton-Office.pdf
5776Email hidden; Javascript is required.Terra Australis Grand Jury 24 2.8.202309-08-2023GJ-24th-ORDERS.pdf
5775Email hidden; Javascript is required.Terra Australia Grand Jury 23 Orders 3.7.202309-08-2023GJ23rd-ORDERS.pdf
5765Email hidden; Javascript is required.11 Defendents, 5 charges of Crimes Against Humanity. All guilty. All charges.08-08-2023Court-Verdict-91714646.pdf
5764Email hidden; Javascript is required.False and prolonged incarceration of First Nation individual by Director of Public Prosecution08-08-2023
5760Email hidden; Javascript is required.Corporate Sheriffs et al on Notice for property theft05-08-202355010-001-001-andrew-wallace.pdf
5720Email hidden; Javascript is required.FNSC directions for return of Hume children.29-06-2023007-001-Hume-ORDERS-of-Superior-Jurisdiction.pdf
5715Email hidden; Javascript is required.Documents that render property possession by banks to be fraudulent claims29-06-2023
5714Email hidden; Javascript is required.Public Servant Notice DPLH for obstructing Crown business.29-06-2023
5713Email hidden; Javascript is required.Rebutt Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 202129-06-2023001-001-DPLH-_-ACH-Rebutt-Gazette.pdf
5696Email hidden; Javascript is required.Terms and Conditions Department Child Protection14-06-2023003-12th-Meeting.-FNSC-3RD-OFFICIAL-MEETING-RATIFIED-_-Terms-Conditions.pdf
5659Email hidden; Javascript is required.The First Nation Sovereign Council Announced14-05-2023
5585Email hidden; Javascript is required.Strictly Forbidden – disconnecting essential resources07-04-202311110-013-The-End-and-the-Beginning-Disconnection-of-Essential-Resources-is-Stricly-Forbidden.pdf
Entry IDEmailTitle of the press releaseDate of the press releaseUpload File