Have you been violated by a corporation?

If so, RECORD it here as PUBLIC NOTICE .

1) This process includes Forms A, B, & C, and their associated Public Records.

Form A is Entry by Injured Party
Form B is Entry by Injuring Party
Form C is ongoing record of matter, by Injured Party, until matter is resolved.

2) A Corporation does not have superior jurisdiction over a Living Being. It never has and never will. It cannot conduct itself in a manner in community that causes harm in any way.

3) Use this form to create a Public Record if a Corporation, or it’s employees have harmed you. Under Maxim of Law, Rule of Law; the employee fulfilling the Corporation policy is as equally liable for the damages, as the Corporation itself.

4) You may assign a daily damages fee. The Corporation has 14 days to respond to the matter and create remedy with you, at which point, the daily damages fees may become null and void if both parties agree to that, based on a documented change of behaviour by the Corporation which may include an apology, or a change of policy . Party A, may record in Form C the outcome of the negotiation and applaud the Corporation, or continue to hold it accountable for injury by recording ongoing entries if the matter is not amicably, and swiftly resolved.

5) The goal is to achieve amicable changes in the landscape that reinstate Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before The Law. Rogue Corporations in community, in this time of birthing the Age of Aquarius, will not be tolerated.

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