Essential reading before you begin to fill out this form.

Welcome to the Public Record for child trafficking. Here, you may record what has happened to your family and continue to map every occurrence that follows, until your children are back into the safety of your care, and perpetrators are recorded for their crimes.

1) Your most powerful tool: Collapsing the illusion of Corporate Immunity.

It is critically important to understand that there is no such thing as Corporate Immunity.

What does that mean? Employees are not, cannot be, and never will be protected by the organisation they work for. Maxim of Law clearly states that everyone is 100% accountable for their actions.

Actions creating Harm and Injury incur liability for the individual. This is a powerful knowledge and tool that works in the favour of the children and the parents to bring about remedy.

2) Please read this entire form first before you begin to fill it out, so you are clear on how it will be an ongoing tool for your use.

3) You will be able to come back to this form and enter every event as they unfold for you in the pursuit of getting your children back into your care.

4) Reporting fine details is vitally important for accountability of actions for those who commit Harm and Injury against yourself and your vulnerable children.

5) Reference numbers. Please generate your own reference number for your records. This will remain stable throughout the use of the form.

If your children have been separated into different institutions, pls create a separate form for each child/institution, as the ‘Mapping’ section is critically important to maintain clarity of events around the actions of the institution/s and their employees, as liability will be tallied from clear and concise note taking.

Example: Form 1 – for a child in a given institution. Reference Abcd -1

Form 2 for a 2nd child in a different institution. Reference Abcd – 2

By using clear referencing, you keep your family matters organised.

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  • Beloved fellow folk,
    If you find yourself here, needing to use this facility, my heart wraps itself around you and your children. May you have remedy as swiftly as possible.
    Please appreciate this is a new facility, so if you find it cannot meet your need in some way, or has any points requiring clarification, pls do not hesitate to contact us and we will cater to adjust the site so it can serve you and your family.
    In God We Trust, that all our children are kept safe.