Ambassadors for
Rule of Law

What does it mean to be an
Ambassador for Rule of Law?

You would have a deep, intuitive, inherent knowing of right ways. Of right` action. Of Law vs legal statute.
You would be an astute individual who is able to recognise a broken system in community when you see one. That is, a system that assumes to have power and authority over the living Being in such a way that it causes harm.
You would be able to research and document the broken system, and record it on to this site so that it may be addressed and adjusted to the correct standards of Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before the Law.
We the people… are the calvalry. If community does not step up to begin to manage itself, and use Rule of Law, in the rapidly expanding landscape of AI, humanity absolutely does risk extinction.
You can find numeorus examples of broken systems that have been documented, in the gazettes.

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