Frequently Asked Question

A: The forms tell you what they are used for and how they flow.  It is an opportunity to clear a dispute between parties.   And if not, then it is at least gazetted that an injury has been incurred by using a policy that violates inherent rights, ie forced vax, or many other matters.  

A: As at 24.10.2021: The Grand Jury’s are currently underway whilst we put critical shifts into place.  
The Trials will follow in due course.  
This is a quantum shift of consciousness on the planet, shutting down many systems, and upgrading many systems.  
Moving from legal to lawful.  
It’s a process. 

Jurors, of sound mind and heart, vote on Motions that are based in Rule of Law, All Are Equal Before the Law. They are an essential element of an equitable lawful process to reflect the goodwill of the people, so that healthy decisions are made for the collective wellbeing of the community. 

We must understand, that in a traditional tribal system we have always had a collective of elders to make sound decisions for the safety of the tribe that are in alignment with Natural Law, not profit generating, private legal systems that ignore the primary pillar of Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before the Law. That being free will and informed consent. To fail to acquire this is slavery, and threatens the safety of the human tribe. The introduction of a privately owned, mandatory, experimental vax is an example of failure in Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before The Law, and infers that the public servants/corporation own our bodies and can decide when and what they might inject into us. This is 100% slavery. It is 100% NULL AND VOID immediately.

The authority comes from God.  
Your inherent rights, evidenced by the mere fact that you are here, on Planet Earth.
All Are Equal Before the Law
We are All Created Equal. 
The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth. 

Currently you are inside a legal fiction under Guardianship.  That Age has finished now. assist the mechanical…. movement forward into the new Age of Humanitarianism. Also known as the approximate 2000 years of the Age of Aquarius, where humanity self governs itself, and the public servants really are the public servants, not the undisclosed Board of the Guardians.

A: It is an inner knowing and claiming of your inherent rights. That is why it is called: The Great Awakening.


A 1) It is under in the top menu bar.
2) Hit the 3 lines on the right hand side if working from a computer, or left hand side, if on a phone.   The menu bar will open.
3) Go to : Forms and Gazette,
4) Towards the bottom of the left hand list, you will find it.
5) And if you want to sign on also, you will appear in the gazette which is the right hand list. 

Here is a link to take you straight there.  But if you want to find it again, that is where it lives.

Thanks for your contact. 

You are one of hundreds/thousands obviously in this situation.

Please go here:  and read the the Notice to Employer:

Print it, and hand it to them.    It’s all on them to verify their claim.

Other matters are unfolding through the course of the month.  But this is the starting point before deadlines get too close.

Listen to the Grand Jury’s, you will find them in the drop down menu, under Forms and Gazettes.

In a nutshell.  The govt is a private corp.  It is not a Constitutional Govt in any way.  It is 100% fraud.   The vax is a privately owned bioweapon.

This is a massive land grab, that they won’t be getting away with.

This is a shift of Consciousness.  It requires everyone.  Welcome to the shift.

A Because when you register something – birth certificate for child, car registration, dog registration, your profession, what you are actually doing is giving it to the State.  You are giving away ownership of it.  Rights over it.  You are unknowingly a slave of the state and all your work and assets are going to the state.  A nasty game of trickery. 

To say it is to create it.  Hence folks say ‘this is mine’ by listing it.  And that thus changes jurisdiction on that entity.  It is publicly gazetted and thus in the public record. Time stamped.  And thus has standing.    The craft of registering matters into the system is not disclosed and is a significant problem with regard to surrending jurisdiction of your matters to the State.