7th Terra Australis
Grand Jury

18 March 2022

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Dear folks….

Please know the following…

This Grand Jury, in it’s humble brokenness, almost did not happen…

Right up until an hour before, it hung in the balance as to whether it could proceed, being a reflection of life itself with many usual attendees in family crisis, flood crisis, legal crisis, personal relationship crisis, health crisis, the list goes on…..

But through all that, and particularly via the crisis of grief, borne from a failure in lawful justice, came the distillation and illumination of the 5 Orders presented in this Grand Jury. Perhaps the most profound so far, of the now 197 Orders across 7 Grand Jury’s.

These Grand Jury events serve to write, record, time stamp and gazette the standards of the New Earth. Where law and right way is restored, and humanity organises itself to be self governing, no longer under Guardianship. Put there without knowledge or Consent, and therefore an abnegation of Free Will. Therefore slavery.

That time has ended. Centuries of it. Millenia.

Humanity Arises.

To claim it’s rightful authority as Custodians of Mother Earth and all her beauty and abundance.

We continue on. Please make use of any and all content. It comes to life when we embrace it in our Consciousness, recognise it as Law, and command that it be the standard of right way, and let no other profess to have superior command over oneself, in a landscape of ‘do no harm’.

Together we are One.

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth. Matthew 5:5

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7th Terra Australis Grand Jury 2022