Welcome...A new Age is Upon Us... the Age of Aquarius....

where humanity self manages to standards of
Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before The Law
and the government really is, the public servant.

We The People. By The People. For The People.

'The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth' Matthew 5:5

Rule of Law:

All Are Equal
Before The Law.

In The Hands Of The Creator God Almighty

This website represents the highest authority in Law. That being; the ‘Word of the People’ and comes under the term and jurisdiction of ‘Crown’.
Crown represents Body, Mind and Spirit as a united whole. Crown acknowledges that all titles beyond this trinity are assets and tools for the use of the Crown whilst residing on planet Eart(h) (H)eart.
This website represents Truth, Peace and Generousity of Heart.
Let there be no entity on or off planet that deems itself to have superior claim and authority to interfere with the ongoing transmission of this website and it’s contents. Any such claim or action, will be addressed as a Crime Against Humanity.

Graphic One

Understanding where you have been and where you are going. Legal vs Lawful Jurisdiction

Graphic Two

Behaviors of those in Legal Jurisdiction
and those in Lawful Jurisdiction.

Public Notice of
Crown Jurisdiction

Have you been violated by a corporation or a public servant?

Record Human Trafficking

Wallet size fillable/printable:
Notice of Superior Standing in Rule of Law.

Printable: Store Front Window Notice of Superior Standing in Rule of Law.
Inherent right to have uninterrupted access to trade.

PAFROL - Peoples Alliance for Rule of Law:
Choose to be an Ambassador for Rule of Law.

This is the psychological game being played with your life.

Telegram: Arise Australia. A closed feed of nothing but law, doctors, researchers, letters to help you rebutt lawless claims of ‘mandatory’ anything connected to the ‘sickness’ industry. Join via this link.

Like all projects, this one takes resources to run too,
so if you would like to Donate,
please feel free to do so. Thank you.
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In Law; there is no such thing as 'Mandatory' Mask wearing.
In Law; there is no such thing as 'Mandatory' Vaccine.
This is a FRAUD in LAW.
This is SLAVERY.

The Nuremberg Code, Germany, August 1947.

HEALTH exists when one is harmonious with Nature.
Lavender is antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial.
It featured strongly in the curing of the black plague. 1346-1353

There is no such thing as 'Corporate Immunity'.
Everyone is liable, and accountable for their actions
on behalf of their employer,
and in exchange for their pay check.
So make sure your employer is not expecting you to break the Law.

Rule of Law:
All Are Equal Before the Law.
To fail to acquire CONSENT
= Crimes Against Humanity
= 25 years jail.

Is your employer forcing you
to vaccinate against your will... or lose your job ???
Report them now for Crimes Against Humanity .
Corporations do not have superior jurisdiction over the People.
The People have superior jurisdiction over the Corporations and AI

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