....and the power of the word is God. Congratulations!

You have just entered your word onto the public record that you choose to stand in Crown jurisdiction.
Also known as Rule of Law : All Are Equal Before the Law, Law of the Land.
Let no other profess to have higher power over you, or let them be guilty of slavery.
Do unto others as you expect them to do unto you, and enjoy a peaceful, abundant life.

Public Record of Crown Jurisdiction

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Date CreatedCopyright of the name:Country
17/05/2023Adam David TuckerAustralia
17/05/2023Francy leonie lawsonAustralia
17/05/2023Michael GraingerAustralia
16/05/2023Jeanette Barbara HilderAustralia
11/05/2023Francis Robyn BrownAustralia
08/05/2023Michael Charles AndersonAustralia
08/05/2023Daniel WinnikAustralia
07/05/2023Terence John WilkinsonAustralia
04/05/2023Mladen OlicAustralia
03/05/2023Patricia AhchongNew Zealand
17/04/2023Audra Cher BrownUnited States
15/04/2023Linda Elizabeth LyonsAustralia
13/04/2023william benedict jonesAustralia
12/04/2023Trans Rights Now!Australia
11/04/2023Gay Man JonesAustralia
09/04/2023Nicola Jane MannAustralia
04/04/2023Terence John WilkinsonAustralia
03/04/2023Linda Muchelle CrowhurstAustralia
03/04/2023Scott John MorissonAustralia
31/03/2023Gary Thomas HuttonAustralia
26/03/2023'Rocco' "Toldo"Australia
19/03/2023Melinda CirilloAustralia
18/03/2023Jason David BrearleyAustralia
18/03/2023Scott Michael HulseAustralia
Date CreatedCopyright of the name:Country