....and the power of the word is God. Congratulations!

You have just entered your word onto the public record that you choose to stand in Crown jurisdiction.
Also known as Rule of Law : All Are Equal Before the Law, Law of the Land.
Let no other profess to have higher power over you, or let them be guilty of slavery.
Do unto others as you expect them to do unto you, and enjoy a peaceful, abundant life.

Public Record of Crown Jurisdiction

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Date CreatedCopyright of the name:Country
14/04/2024Alan John WilkesAustralia
11/04/2024Brian Malcolm TuckerAustralia
06/04/2024Barbara Dorothy MeldrumAustralia
03/04/2024Bruce ShillingsworthAustralia
31/03/2024Nigel Christopher HornAustralia
26/03/2024Phyllis Lorraine ElliottAustralia
22/03/2024Petra WebsteinAustralia
20/03/2024Tarek Alexander RoutledgeAustralia
17/03/2024Kain John FormosaAustralia
14/03/2024Anthony Glen Wynne RabeyAustralia
12/03/2024Timothy Patrick WestonAustralia
09/03/2024mark john sellAustralia
05/03/2024John Martin NieborakAustralia
05/03/2024John Martin NieborakAustralia
27/02/2024Michael Peter GilbertAustralia
27/02/2024Loretta Therese IrvineAustralia
22/02/2024Christine elizabeth Of family MooreAustralia
18/02/2024Suzanne LittleAustralia
09/02/2024Daryl Raymond ShipleyAustralia
08/02/2024Nicole Ann TurnerAustralia
07/02/2024Gary Craig RichardsonAustralia
07/02/2024Toni Leigh AldousAustralia
05/02/2024Ana Maria RaposoCanada
02/02/2024Christopher George KassoutasAustralia
29/01/2024Adam Matthew ChapmanAustralia
Date CreatedCopyright of the name:Country