And the power of the Word...

is God...

We like to keep things simple…

One’s word is their Oath. And the highest authority for One’s personal choices and wellbeing. If One speak into creation, that One’s standing is in ‘Crown Jurisdiction’: the highest jurisdiction upon the land, the full acknowledgement that One is Body, Mind and Spirit, incarnate as an eternal life force, upon the earthly plane, in a physical body/temple for how ever many years One is here, then that is the case. In doing so, One does deem Oneself to be competent in One’s affairs and offer no wilful harm or injury to another.

Let no other being, nor AI Corporation, nor private legal fiction legislation, profess to have superior authority over One. One standing in Crown jurisdiction is aware they are not a corporate entity, not a corporate person, not chattel, not lost within the Holy See and salvaged as chattel for the private banking industry to monetise with zero disclosure. Not a ward of the state. Not a recipient of privileges nor benefits in exchange for the surrendering of One’s rights to Rule of Law. Such resources are the ‘Right to Resources’, inherent by the very fact of One’s existence is this reality. Such resources are moving through a public service system. Said system is a mere administrator, not a ruler, and is awaiting instructions from the competent Crown for correct administration of said resources.

Let no other lay hands on, nor profess to claim authority over any whom have listed themselves here, in clear Notice of their inherent right to exist as The Creator, God Almighty, having a human experience upon Planet Eart(h), Planet (H)eart.

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