Humanity has been lured into a tidy trap of ‘AI’ over reach.

Artificial Intelligence: with it’s algorithms, mapping and tracking, and curating and shaping our landscape, for us. But behind every AI is a sentient being. It is the defining element of this battle. Who has Superior Jurisdiction: the Sentient Being; human, or the AI that the human created? 

Easy answer: The Sentient Beings are always in Superior Jurisdiction and the ‘AI tools’ are always in inferior jurisdiction. It is simply good common sense. The part cannot be greater than that which created it. Behind every AI is a sentient being, and that is who is responsible and accountable for AI over reach.

Free Will and Informed Consent exist at all times, as well as trickery…. As a humanity, we are all responsible for ensuring AI remains in the bounds of Law. If you have been violated by rogue AI tools trampling through your life, do humanity a favour and record it here, so the corporation can correct it. In this way, we prevent our next generations from being further entrenched on a world of slavery.

The Age of Humanitarianism is the Age of proactive management ‘By The People, For The People’. ‘Consciously Architect’ the future by understanding Law and keeping Nature in balance. 

Corporate Time Wasters

These days, many Corporations employ AI tools to save themselves times and money. What they don’t care about is how much of your valuable time they waste by engaging these often broken tools.

Now you can record Corporations that waste your time. They may also have staff, being paid, to deal with you and your matters, whilst you sit on the phone or chat line trying to sort out simple matters – not being paid.

It is an infuriating standard to be subjected to these ‘Corporate profit projects’ at your expense. Harvesting your energy whilst providing time consuming solutions, or no solutions at all.

Now you can record on the public gazette, Corporations that think it is just OK, to suck up your valuable time with their inadequate systems and AI’s.

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