Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before The Law

1) If an individual, in their work capacity has been given Notice that they are acting out behaviours that are not based in Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before The Law, then their assets may be listed here as ‘frozen’.

2) And their job may be dismissed by the People. Continuing to receive a pay check when the People have dismissed an individual for enacting slavery upon the People, on behalf of the Corporation, will have the equivalent pay deducted against the assets. Thus encumbering them further.

3) Maxim of Law clearly states the agent is equivalent to the Principle meaning there is no such thing as Corporate Immunity. It is not possible to turn up to your job and do your duties, which may include harming others and treating them like a slave, eg ‘mandatory vaccination is real if you want to keep your job’, without being 100% liable and accountable.

4) If Noticed that this is what you are participating in, and you fail to retract your conduct, which means you fail to hold accountability to your chain of command for issuing lawless mandates violating body sovereignty , then your name and assets can be listed here, as encumbered, meaning that if anyone chooses to buy them, they are potentially buying a damages debt that comes with it.

5) Thus these assets are not worthy of sale.

6) We The People, will use Rule of Law/Lore to protect ourselves from tyranny and slavery and will hold accountability to those who violate it.

If individuals are not yet aware that the Covid landscape is a private business plan, designed to generate profits for the few, then said individuals are guilty of having done no research beyond listening to mainstream media. This is a menace to truth and wellbeing of community amid vast quantities of knowledge now available in relation to this privately owned business plan. Refer to the Telegram link on the home page of this site. Thus there is no tolerance for acting out slavery in the belief that a ‘pandemic’ actually exists.

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Frozen Assets

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