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DateState2) What is the Order you are proposing?Please write the order you proposed to deem Null and Void here, and why:
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Due to supporting evidence that is undisputable I hereby order under supreme jurisdiction the quashing of the medical pysdo-science called Virology which has been proven unable to withstand basic scientific methods including Koch postulates and rivers postulates when isolating and purifying viruses. THIS FRAUD HAS lead to global eugenics programmes.

1. Unless you can find a ” thing called a virus under normal scientific conditions then it’s concluded that ” it does not exist”.
Evidence of the fraud has been proven with factual claims. Eg. Over 200 freedom of information statements by health regulators around the globe that state the they cannot find evidence of sars covid 19 virus, and many other viruses.
2. The rule of law has been offered to all departments of virology worldwide and acceptance that they cannot find the virus is evident.
3.without the ” thing” called sa4s covid 19 virus then all draconian mandates become null and void.
4. Remedy- reinstate back to natural lore.

Whereas we the custodians symbiotically are aligned with that which is natural and life process is not dis-eased but synchronose with the universal force of love which is ever giving .
Whereas we the people choose natural processes to cure and heal by aligning with the rainbow serpent and our mother gaia.
Whereas we the people reinstate restorative agricultural processes and moirity systems to regenerate and restore natural lore .

The order I deem null and void is the science of virology


That the legal courts and governments under foreign AUSTRALIA , be dismantled and the lawfull “we the people” Common Law (courts) rule supreme on the Terra Australis land.


Abolishing tolls snd SPER Act

Tolls and the SPER act


To bring an end to surety fraud, and debt slavery, that actually is violating, the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth), and violating Gods law Genesis 1: 26-29 God did not grant man or woman, dominion over man or woman, as we are equal, we are not slaves, and Governments are to serve the people, as are all corporate bodies and agencies.

That any and all, claimed or assumed contracts, were the persona, ens legis, juristic person, [legal fiction] is used as a joiner, to claim the living man or woman as surety without full disclosure and without the consent freely and knowingly given, but gained through lies, deceit and trickery, using the colour of law, coercion and intimidation, and/or were no contract can be produced showing both parties wet autograph and seal, being in agreement; then such claim or contract, is null and void, ‘ab initio’, for where any and all fraud is revealed, it renders any and all contracts ‘null and void’, ‘nunc pro tunc’, ‘ad infinitum’ ‘clausula rebus sic stantibus’ (“things thus standing”) (CRSS)’.


Arrest Australian government for Corruption an covering up Paedophiles From the Bill Hefferman 2015 Royal Commission 28 Names Supressed

supressing the royal commissions names of the guilty


ATAGI – believing it can mandate that people on the operating table can be vaccinated, calling it ‘opportunistic vaccination’.

DateState2) What is the Order you are proposing?Please write the order you proposed to deem Null and Void here, and why: