Corporation Penalty for Job Losses Record

Date Created31/12/2021
Your Former Employer Steve Harvey and Edward Agius at Fullerton Allied Health Melbourne St North Adelaide SA
Type of EmployerPrivate
Employee issuing ‘directives’ to you and dismissing you on behalf of the employer. 100% liable and accountable under Maxim of Law : All are responsible for their actions.Sandra Campbell and Emma Miller
Daily damages for 90 days.$1,000,000.00
Additional damages for any reason: space for amount, and space for reason.The company sacked me for not wearing a mask when I had a medical exemption. I do not consent to wearing a mask. The company sacked me and DID NOT pay my long service leave. I would like my payment of long service leave. Misconduct is why I didn't get payed this. I beleive I have an exemption and did not need to wear a mask. I was sacked on 21/07/2021.